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Helping parents guide their children towards a fulfilling career

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Apc Mykids Career

“Parents are the most significant influencer in their child’s career decisions”

StudyWorkGrow Report

Apc Mykids Career

“Children expect that their parents will have the information on career pathways”

Year 13- After the ATAR Report


“Alongside skills, values are important when choosing career directions”

Dr Suzanne Cremen


values based careers coaching

What’s MyKidsCareer all about?

48% of kids believe their parents give them the most trustworthy career advice.

Yet 47% of parents say they go to their children to get the latest information on careers. And with only 12% of schools offering opportunities for parents to participate in career coaching with their child at school. It is no wonder parents need some help!

MyKidsCareer is a ground breaking values based approach that helps support parents and carers to guide their children to fulfilling careers. Our values underpin our hopes and aspirations for our children.


  • Helps you use your unique knowledge and relationship to mentor your child.
  • Uses values – whether it be culture, helping people, financial, security, social or creativity – as a unique starting point to career planning with your child.
  • Has been developed with the help of experts in psychology, counselling, education and careers.

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Apc Mykids Career

Learn how to leverage your influence and have more harmonious conversations about the future

Our values influence our hopes and dreams for our children

MyKidsCareer provides you with straightforward information and a practical approach to mentoring your child. It is designed by parents for parents, to build on your unique relationship with your child.

Knowing how you use your values, in your parenting role to influence your children and their choices helps create harmonious careers conversations about their future.

Our resources are not only informative for parents but fun for the whole family to do together.

Enjoy learning together.

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Apc Mykids Career

Life stage information and advice

Information matched with the stage your children are in. Only need information useful for primary school age?

We have you covered.

Apc Mykids Career

Details of what is covered in the school curriculum

The curriculum is complicated. We identify the critical times when the world of work and careers is being covered in the curriculum so you can provide your own support.

Apc Mykids Career

Tips on how to have open conversations about careers

Career aspiration conversation can be a parenting challenge! We help you capture the critical conversations you can be having with your children.

Apc Mykids Career

Activities, games and adventures for you and your child to do together

No body likes lecturing their kids! We can help you level up your careers conversations.

This helped us build our confidence in making big life choices such as career direction and planning personal goals. This is great for teenagers, also highly recommended as a great family conversation activity.

Allison - Mum of 2

The Values Activity was really insightful! We have 3 teen boys who are not sure what they want to do. This helped them realise their priorities and has given them a direction to start looking in.

Nathan - Dad of 3

I was surprised to learn my daughter and I shared 5 core values. In discovering this it has brought us to a deeper understanding about her future and I feel content about her direction.

Ilham - Mum of 2