growing independant and taking responsibility as teens

The path to success

In Years 9 and 10 teens are faced with making choices that can shape their future for the first time.

While some kids already have post school plans, many are still trying to work it out, and many will change their minds a few times in the years ahead. 

Not knowing what you want to do post school is normal. At least 50% of Year 12 school leavers still don’t know what they want to do, but there is plenty you can do to empower your teen.

Subject selection and work experience week are two golden opportunities to have productive conversations about future plans. But an ongoing dialogue with lots of informal chats can be the easier option with your time, as they may need time and space to make their own decisions.


Apc Mykids Career

To help your teen you can:

  • Get yourself up to speed. Talk to your teen’s teachers and careers’ counsellor.  Research work and training options, university courses and entrance requirements, workplace trends and micro-credentials. Discover what’s changed since you left school.
  • Encourage your teen to identify what they value and enjoy, their interests, skills and strengths to build their confidence and decision-making skills. Consider using active listening techniques
  • Look at the big picture together. What are the pros and cons of choosing different options? Research how to reach their goal together
  • Try out online questionnaires that map their interests, strengths and aptitudes to potential career options to explore
  • Highlight the positive impact of young people – social media stars, campaigners, community leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs 
  • Highlight connections with family, culture and community. 

We’ve included some information, resources and activities to do together with your teen to help make talking future plans and decisions as stressless and fun as possible. 

Enjoy learning together.

Apc Mykids Career