They hold the whole world in the palm of their hands

The path to success

By Years 11 and 12, teens are naturally looking to the future and can be anxious about making ‘big’ decisions that may impact the rest of their life. 16, 17 and 18 year olds want their independence, and often act like they don’t need us, but our support makes a huge difference. 

According to research:

  • 50% of school leavers don’t know what they want to do as a career (Year13) 
  • Parents are the biggest single source of careers’ advice for young people
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But we also know most parents are not up to date. The post school landscape has changed beyond recognition

For example, do you know:

  • there are apprenticeships in IT, sales and marketing, agriculture etc etc, as well as traditional trades
  • many universities have early entry programs and ask students to submit portfolios, attend interviews or take aptitude tests 
  • that micro-credentials are booming
  • what occupations and skills are going to be in demand in 20 years?

In the future, adaptable skills or ‘capabilities’ are going to be key career skills. These have been broadly identified as thinking, personal, action and leadership capabilities.

Apc Mykids Career

Things you can do to: 

  • Do your own research and get up to speed. Your school careers’ advisor, if you have one, is also a great starting place
  • Encourage your teen to look towards the future in a positive way as a world of possibilities and to gain a healthy perspective
  • Help your teen identify all their values, strengths and capabilities
  • Ask questions, listen to them and help them make their own decisions – discuss the pros and cons of different choices so they work out for themselves what’s most important to them. 
  • Go along on the post school options journey with them as they decide their priorities, research options, complete applications, write resumes, attend careers expos together etc 
  • Help them put together a ‘plan b’ and keep their options open

We’ve included some information, resources and activities to do together with your teen to help make talking future plans and decisions as stressless and fun as possible. 

Enjoy learning together.

Apc Mykids Career