Year 5 – 6

The path to success

By late primary your child’s character traits are established and their potential is clear to see. They are coming into their own at this age, but their reliance and close bond with you remains strong. 

Career choices may still seem far off, but what you say and do at this age impacts their future. 

Most 10 and 11 year olds are not thinking beyond High School. They don’t yet have much experience of the wider world. So this is the time for you to broaden their horizons and fill them with motivation and confidence to explore what’s out there. 


Apc Mykids Career

Things to do to create a positive launch pad for their future:

  • Try painting the future in a positive light as a world of adventure and possibilities
  • Help them identify all their values, strengths and skills and link them to a wide range of study and career options
  • Encourage your child to project themselves into the future. Ask them to imagine where they’d like to be and what they would like to fix, change or invent? 
  • Feed their interests and fuel their curiosity
  • Dispel any misconceptions or stereotypes 
  • Highlight the positive impact young people are having – campaigners, community leaders, entertainers, inventors and entrepreneurs, and of course sports stars…
  • Guide your child towards technology with educational benefits
  • Keep the dialogue open. Even if their ideas are a bit ‘out there’, thinking about their future and exploring possibilities is a good thing. Investigating is part of a good decision making process. 

We’ve included some information, resources and activities to do together with your kid to help make talking about future plans entertaining.

Enjoy learning together.

Years 5 - 6