Kindy – Year 4

The path to success

Thinking about career options in Kindy and early primary school might seem premature, but there are lots of things you can do at this age to set them up to have a great career in school and beyond.

Helping your child grow up to be a curious and confident learner is an essential part of parenting.

Research confirms that valuing education, your encouragement and active support make a measurable difference to their learning and academic achievement.


Kinder - Year 4

Things you can do that help set your child on a path to success

  • help them look towards the future as a world of possibilities – encourage your child to be adventurous and use their imagination 
  • exploring the world around you together – introduce them to all the different things people do, how things are made and where they come from
  • highlight their strengths, encourage them to keep trying and praise their effort rather than achievements
  • link what they’re learning in school to the real world and support what they’re learning in the classroom with fun activities and conversations at home
  • manage technology use and find games and apps that have educational benefits. 

Here’s some information, resources and activities to get you going. 

Enjoy learning together.

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